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An Overview of the Sales Process - Closing Costs

When the time comes to sell your home, The Dressler Group will put our proven expertise and vast reach to work to attract the most qualified buyers, achieve the highest price, and make the overall experience smooth and satisfying.

Partnering with The Dressler Group gives you a distinct advantage in the quality of both the service and results you receive. We are not only industry experts, but marketing executives who know how to best showcase your property and shepherd all facets of your transaction to success to get you swiftly to the closing table.


An Overview of the Sales Process

Once you sign a listing agreement to let The Dressler Group represent your property exclusively, your representative will work closely with you from start to finish of the sales process through to closing.

Price to Sell
A well-priced property, based on what the current market will bear, is the first and most important step to a successful sale and to ensuring that you get the best return on your investment. We draw upon our knowledge and conduct extensive research on current market conditions to provide you with a complete market analysis of comparable properties for sale in your price range, neighborhood and property type category.

Customized Marketing
Once pricing is established, The Dressler Group creates a personalized marketing plan for your unique residence and implements a targeted promotional campaign to reach the widest possible pool of qualified buyers.

Presentation is Key
We help you prepare your property for viewings to maximize appeal as well as your sale price, and perform professional staging, if necessary, to bring out your property's best features, and showcase it in the best possible light.

Getting the Word Out
The Dressler Group immediately spreads the word about your property to the entire New York City brokerage community so they can come preview it and start showing it to their customers. We also announce the listing directly to well-qualified buyers in New York, the U.S. and abroad using our vast database and extensive industry contacts. Our aggressive marketing efforts include prominently displaying your listing with full-color photographs and a professionally-written description on our highly-trafficked website, in addition to syndicated marketing on some of the most visited search engine real estate and consumer sites as well as print advertising and other vehicles.

Showing Your Home
When your property is ready for showing, The Dressler Group arranges separate open houses for brokers and for customers which are widely publicized online and print advertising. We coordinate and oversee all open houses. We also arrange individual showings for brokers, their customers and ours, with all appointments scheduled at your convenience.

Ongoing Communication
We will keep you constantly updated on feedback from brokers and their customers, as well as all developments regarding the sale of your property.

Professional Service
The Dressler Group representatives have seasoned experience in all areas of your real estate transaction, from bid management to liaising with attorneys and keeping all information flowing to ensure a prompt contract signing and closing.

Expert Board Package Preparation
Our expansive knowledge of buildings and boards is vital in our ability to assemble and submit surefire board packages for approval.

Outstanding Talent
The Dressler Group is a unique brokerage comprised of some of the top names and most accomplished talent in the business, from our founders and executives down to every one of our sales representatives. We continually outperform with our incomparable high level of service, expertise, integrity, professionalism and results.