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Property Management

Our mission at Property Management Group is to provide owners with full service hassle free management at the most affordable and competitive price.

We handle everything from collecting rents and finding new tenants to arranging lease signings as well as all maintenance and building issues.

Our team consisting of attorneys, real estate brokers and builders guarantees all your needs will be handled in the most efficient and responsible manner.

Whether you are looking to simply avoid the midnight phone calls from tenants, free up your time to pursue other ventures or retire headache free, Property Management Group can provide the services you need.

Our team of professionals has dealt with every type of building from condominiums and cooperatives to privately owned single and mutli family homes as well as full services apartment buildings.

Property Management Group’s principals take a personal pride in ensuring that every client is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

The company’s guiding principle is to provide the highest quality of service always keeping our clients informed of their real estates’ performance and continuing growth.

Benefits Of A Management Company
"Why should you hire a manger?

It is all too common of a question, “why should I hire a management company?” The answer to that question is different for each and every individual. However, a professional management company can be an asset to all types of property owners.

Property Management Company provides a wide range of services and a tailored plan for all of our clients.

As property managers, we have access to all the latest data and real estate trends. This industry knowledge allows us to provide up to date information on proper rental values as well as design and marketing data that will most efficiently sell or lease your property. We provide a full inspection of each unit and a complete report on necessary changes and valuations to get the properties rented for the highest value.

Creating this value brings long-term high quality tenants with low turnover and higher stability.

Property Manager’s can create value that the untrained eye will not find. A qualified manager will know where and when maintenance is needed that can maximize a building’s rental potential. In addition, having a twenty-four hour maintenance crew ensures not only a smooth continuous operation of the building but the best prices as well. A manger has the ability to get deep discounts on the smallest of maintenance to full building renovations. Property Management Group’s builders and maintenance crew are of the highest training and workman’s ship.

Maintaining the building properly and efficiently ensures a buildings longevity and a continued good reputation.

A property manager's knowledge of laws and other governmental regulations means that you do not have to worry about compliance and fines. With Property Management Group’s attorneys we ensure that your building will always be in compliance with all regulations and laws.

Additionally, hiring a property manager means that someone else can worry about your problems. No longer will you have to worry about the phone ringing at two o’clock in the morning because a pipe has burst or the heat is not working. Property Management Group will resolve all your issues.

Full Service Management

Monthly Accounting Statements
You will receive at the end of each month a detailed statement of all receivables and payables. Our clients will always kept informed and can be involved as much or as little as they desire.

Rent Collection
All monthly rent will be collected and deposited in a trust account for your building.  We handle the entire process.  We ensure that rents are collected and handle all the necessary proceedings when they are not.

Property Management Group will advertise your property in the most efficient manner to get it off the market and rent in your pocket.

Lease Renewals and Review
Property Management Group provides a full and complete review of all your building’s leases and ensures the strongest protections for you as an owner. We will create uniformity in your leases and handle all renewals and renegotiations.

Full Service Leasing
From finding the proper tenant to doing all the necessary background checks, Property Management Group will take care of all your buildings leasing needs. Our staff of licensed real estate brokers is easily able to find the best tenants for your building.

Our highly qualified team of builders, workmen, plumbers and electricians ensure the most efficient continued operation of your building.

Legal Proceedings
We handle all the necessary legal proceedings that come along with building ownership and management. Our attorneys are equipped to handle all Landlord-Tenant matters as well as contract disputes and all other real estate related matters.

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The Dressler Group's third party management.