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The Dressler Group Real Estate Brokerage

The Dressler Group was founded by real estate attorney Adam Dressler with a client centered focus on sourcing deals and navigating the complex real estate market in New York and the outer boroughs.

The Dressler Group was founded as an answer to as yet unmet and the expressed needs of Dressler's real estate law practice clients for myriad real estate services in the areas of brokerage and property management. The brokerage is built with a fluid business model to be able to adapt to the changing, growing needs of the New York City real estate industry and its wide range of clients.

"It was apparent that the best way to accommodate and deftly service the demands of my clients was to open a full-service real estate brokerage firm. The need and opportunities were immediate, and given the current climate of the Manhattan real estate market and the renewed and energized growth of midtown all played a part in my decision to do this now" says Adam Dressler, Founder of The Dressler Group.

"We shied away from the more traditional boilerplate approach that many real estate start-ups choose to replicate. Adam and I complement each other very well, in that we have vast and varied ranges of real estate experiences and abilities from which to draw," says Adam Dressler. "We are in the fortunate and unique position of being a new company with a long history of experience, and are excited to develop an entrepreneurial culture within the firm."

About The Dressler Group

The Dressler Group is a commercial and residential sales, rental and property management real estate brokerage based in New York City's Midtown area, concentrating on serving the needs of the its clients in all aspects of Real Estate. Adam Dressler, The Dressler Group works within a highly entrepreneurial and fluid model, hiring enthusiastic and client service-attuned agents, and renting, selling and managing properties to the diverse clientele throughout all of New York and the outer boroughs.